API Plan 52

Plan 52 are used in applications where no leakage unpressurized to atmosphere can be tolerated. 

Our plan 52 meets all the requirements of API 682. The Seal Pot design is modular allowing us to supply various combinations of instruments and components to meet the needs of the seal, your process, and the site conditions.  We offer standardized designs with special brackets to allow for field changes requiring an elevation change in the seal reservoir.  The design is simple, reliable, and flexible. 

Features: Elliptical 3 Gallon or 5 Gallon Reservoirs

The Plan 52 range meet all the requirements to supply mechanical seals in accordance with the API 682 guidelines. The vessels are equipped with all essential connections for fitting additional components. The range is available in two standard vessel sizes with ellipsoidal heads; a version which can be dismantled is also available as an option. The modular system allows the Plan 52 vessels to be combined with a wide range of system components such as, level switch/transmitter, pressure switch/transmitter, base frame, air cooler and recirculating pumps.


  • Operating limits up to 50 bar / 200°C: suitable for a wide range of demanding operating conditions
  • Robust design with weld-pad type sight-glass for optimum visual level monitoring
  • Modular system: supports the addition of optional equipment or remote mounts for higher pressure applications
  • A version which can be dismantled is also available as an option: for optimum and simple cleaning of the vessel interior

Recommended Applications

  • Refining technology
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry

Seal Pots Reservoirs offer full compliance with ANSI and API 682 3rd Edition, providing reliable and robust designs for maximum performance.

Heat Exchangers

Seal Pots heat exchangers are utilized for the efficient heat transfer from one medium to another.  High efficiency cooling coils are available for both liquid to liquid and air to liquid cooling. 

Engineered Fluid Systems

Our systems are simple, robust, flexible and reliable. We place great emphasis on manufacturing equipment to operate 24/7. 

Dry Gas Seal Panels

Once a seal configuration has been selected, a panel is designed to support the dry gas seal cartridge. The panel design must deliver sufficient volume of barrier gas at the appropriate pressure.