Welcome to EagleBurgmann Seal Pots, your quality provider of seal support systems, reservoirs, heat exchangers and fluid systems.

EagleBurgmann is one of the leading providers of industrial sealing technology on the international stage. Our products and comprehensive services are used wherever the key requirements are reliability and safety. Our portfolio includes mechanical seals and seal supply systems, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, expansion joints and gaskets, packings, special products and extensive services. Being part of the German Freudenberg and Japanese EKK group gives us all the resources we need for a reliable partnership built on solid foundations.

Since 1988, EagleBurgmann Seal Pots has been engineering and manufacturing high quality ASME pressure vessels, heat exchangers and gas seal control panels from our locations in Romeo, Michigan and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our products are used to support and lubricate mechanical seals in refineries, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing plants worldwide.

Applications for EagleBurgmann Seal Pots products include pressure vessels for API Plans 52 and 53, ANSI Plans 7352 and 7353, heat exchangers for API Plans 21 and 23, as well as other engineered systems. Here at EagleBurgmann Seal Pots, we manufacture every style of system as defined by API 682.

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Seal Pots Reservoirs offer full compliance with ANSI and API 682 3rd Edition, providing reliable and robust designs for maximum performance.

Heat Exchangers

Seal Pots heat exchangers are utilized for the efficient heat transfer from one medium to another.  High efficiency cooling coils are available for both liquid to liquid and air to liquid cooling. 

Engineered Fluid Systems

Our systems are simple, robust, flexible and reliable. We place great emphasis on manufacturing equipment to operate 24/7. 

Dry Gas Seal Panels

Once a seal configuration has been selected, a panel is designed to support the dry gas seal cartridge. The panel design must deliver sufficient volume of barrier gas at the appropriate pressure.